10 Stocking Stuffers Under $10

10 Stocking Stuffers for under $10

Stocking stuffers are sometimes the best, most useful gifts on Christmas morning! This list of 10 stocking stuffers will for sure be useful, and all at under $10 you can’t go wrong! These are all handpicked by yours truly, and so I know any woodworker would love them! Since we are talking about stockings, you also want to make sure you have the stockings hung for Santa, otherwise, you might not be getting those useful little stuffers! Here is one of my favorite (super easy) Christmas builds, the Stocking Holder!

Here are my 10 favorite stocking stuffers all under $10

(These are in no particular order, because they are all awesome!)

1. Old School Pencil Sharpener

10 Stocking Stuffers under $10 - Old School Pencil Sharpener

Yea, you remember these! This used to be the social media for old folks like us! If you wanted to show off clothes, look cool while sharpening your pencil, or just to see that middle school crush and hope you get a glance back this was where you went to do it! As simple as it seems, this is one of my favorite odd tools in my shop. It has multiple ring sizes so you can use different thickness pencils, and it’s not going to leave more wood shavings laying around the shop! Plus if you mount it, you can’t lose it (in theory, however, I can lose anything…just ask my wife). This will be an awesome stocking stuffer!

Old School Pencil Sharpener on Amazon

2. Shop Brush – Perfect Stocking Stuffer

10 Stocking Stuffers for under $10 - Shop Brush

No one wants to get cleaning supplies for Christmas, right? Wrong! This is an incredibly useful tool for all woodworkers, no matter their experience. What happens is if you don’t have a good shop brush, you end up using your hands to wife sawdust off the workbench. Next thing you know you are trying to stain and you end up with sawdust all over your beautiful new build. That’s just one example of why this is a perfect stocking stuffer for under $10!

View the Shop Brush on Amazon

3. Mini Spring Clamps

10 Gifts for under $10 - Mini Clamps

You have heard it said by me and any other woodworker on this planet…YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CLAMPS!! Do I need to say it louder for those in the back? You can find all kinds of clamps for under $10 to throw in a stocking, but these little guys are a perfect cost-effective tool that will get used more than you might imagine. While they are not as large as their full-size counterparts, these will have a ton of uses!

View the Mini Clamps on Amazon

4. Mini Tape Measure Under $10

10 Gifts for under $10 - Mini Tape Measure

“But they already have a tape measure, a good one at that!” Thank goodness! However, unless you have been in the shop or anywhere within 100ft of the shop when the foul language begins because they can’t figure out where they set it last, then you don’t get it! Woodworkers are good at a lot of things, but we are GREAT at setting things down in places that can only be found by an extensive search with bloodhounds. Having extra tape measures around will be a step in the right direction if you want them to come back in the house happy and confident!

View the Mini Tape Measure on Amazon

5. Sanding Block Stocking Stuffer

10 Gifts for under $10 - Sanding Block

Then there are the tools you don’t know you need until you need them right at that moment. While we all love an afternoon run to the local hardware store, save your special somebody some time with this stocking stuffer! It won’t be the most used tool in the shop, but it will be a lifesaver on many different projects! If they don’t have 5″ sanding pads, might want to grab some of those too!

View the Sanding Block on Amazon

6. The Glu-Bot

10 Gifts for under $10 - Glu-Bot

I know, I know. This tool ends up on every list I have (if you haven’t seen my top Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers make sure to check it out) and I don’t feel bad about it. After having this, I hate the individual glue bottle you get from home improvement stores. This will work no matter if it is upside-down, right-side up, and anywhere in-between. Also, I love saving money by buying glue in bulk to refill this little guy. If you want a full review check it out here! If I didn’t have one, this would be an AWESOME stocking stuffer!

View the Glu-Bot on Amazon

7. 10″ Contour Gauge

10 Gifts for under $10 - Contour Gauge

This is a really neat tool, and you can find tons of them online. The contour gauge will help any builder copy a perfect profile when building. It is one of those tools most woodworkers won’t see enough value in it to buy themselves, but after having it for a while, they will wonder why they didn’t budge sooner! This is a great one to start with, and then as they start to use it on larger projects they can upgrade to a larger gauge!

View the Contour Gauge on Amazon

8. Great Stocking Stuffer: Center Scriber

10 Gifts for under $10 - Center Scriber

When it comes to simple tools, the dictionary should just have the above photo as the definition. This will allow your woodworker to use a standard pencil and create center lines down the edges of the boards. As silly as it may sound, tools like this really push woodworkers to learn new skills. If you have a tool, you want to use it. So when they find this tool in their stocking, it will be time for them to find an awesome project to use it on!

View the Center Scriber on Amazon

9. Kreg Jig Dust Collection Attachment

10 Gifts for under $10 - Kreg Jig Dust Collection Attachment

You may have to do a little sneaking around before you purchase this, but it will absolutely be worth it! This will only fit the Kreg K4 system…if you can’t find one of these in their shop, then you need to buy the jig, because it will be the best Christmas present ever! This will allow them to hook up a 1 ¼” dust collection or vacuum hose to the jig. This may seem silly if you don’t use the jig, but it produces a ton of sawdust. Using this will keep the workspace cleaner, and the builder happy! This is my #1 stocking stuffer recommendation assuming they have the K4.

View the Kreg Jig Attachment on Amazon

10. Silicone Glue Brush

10 Gifts for under $10 - Silicone Glue Brush

Last, but certainly not least. If you are a woodworker, then you are basically a professional kindergartner when it comes to glue. Just throwing that sticky stuff everywhere while making a huge mess. Thank goodness for the silicone glue brush coming to the rescue! All jokes aside, this is a must for any woodworker!

View the Silicone Glue Brush on Amazon

Alright, folks, that’s the list of stocking stuffers! Do you have other great ideas that your fellow woodworkers should know about? Make sure to drop a comment below, because after all…sharing is caring my friends!

Merry Christmas from Building with Kinfolk!

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