Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for Woodworkers is a challenge. If your house is anything like mine, my wife and mother-in-law spend countless hours of their lives asking me what I want for Christmas. The common question is always “What do I get someone who loves woodworking for Christmas when I know nothing about it?”. Well good news, I am here to the rescue, basically a Santa in a cape! While every woodworker is different, and some have more tools than others, I have compiled a list of gifts that any woodworker would love (in my opinion). We will start with some smaller priced gifts for woodworkers, and move up from there! 

Ho, Ho, Here We Go!

My favorite Gifts for Woodworkers

(Remember these gifts are no in any particular order other than price range, I honestly believe you can’t go wrong with any of the gifts on here, no matter what they will bring a smile to a woodworkers face)

Fast Cap Wood Glue Dispenser

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Glubot

If the woodworker in your life doesn’t have this, then this is a no brainer. This is one of the best tools for the shop, especially for the money. At under $10, this could even be a stocking stuffer! This simple little bottle will allow the user to simply squeeze and glue will magically appear. Sounds dumb, unless you have ever fought with a glue bottle. The woodworker in your life will love you for this.

Grab it on Amazon Here

Magnetic Wristband

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Magnetic Bracelet

This is a cool idea, and if you have ever been the woodworker who runs back and forth constantly to get screws or nails, or laying on the ground trying to screw some board together and the box is just a little too far out of reach, then you understand the true meaning of frustration. This is a simple wristband that can help any woodworker, no matter the experience level.

Grab it on Amazon Here

Clamps, Clamps, and More Clamps!

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Clamps

No, seriously…CLAMPS. If you are not a woodworker you will never understand this simple statement: You can never have too many clamps. I know, it seems dumb. You can walk into the shop and see 1,032 clamps, but for the next project, we will need 1,034 clamps. They make all kinds of clamps, and so if you find some clamps on a site with high them, buy them all! Below is the link for a simple set that is great to have around.

Grab it on Amazon Here

Japanese Steel Saw Set

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Saw Set

As any woodworker starts to grow and learn more about the craft, having a good hand saw will be essential. This is an awesome set to get started and will be appreciated by even the veteran of woodworkers. You may not get it, but anyone who enjoys building will want to leave the kids at the Christmas tree when they open these so they can go start to use them.

Grab it on Amazon Here

2-in-1 Worx Drill

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Worx Drill

Now before we get started, it is important to know I don’t own one of these and haven’t ever used one. I do however have several friends who have it and LOVE it. It basically allows you to load 2 bits and swap back and forth without having to reload a bit or have a second drill. This could be a HUGE timesaver, and it has great reviews anywhere you can find it. I wouldn’t have it for my primary drill, but for a second drill, I think it would be awesome!

Grab it on Amazon Here

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Kreg k4

Look, this is a no brainer. Stop right now, go rummage through the workshop and see if you can find one of these. If you can’t find one, then you just won Christmas! Seriously, this is my most used tool and has been for years. I could not imagine not having this tool sitting in my shop. This is my #1 Christmas tool for any Woodworker!

Grab it on Amazon Here

Bosch Router Combo Kit

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Bosch Router

This is for that woodworker that has been extra nice this year. Don’t let the high price tag scare you away though. If the woodworker in your family hasn’t owned a router before, this can really help them take projects to the next level. I have owned this model, and put it through hell and back and never once had an issue.

Grab it on Amazon Here

Dewalt Drill

Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers - Dewalt Drill

Yes, I know, I’m jumping on the yellow bandwagon. While I don’t have a ton of the yellow tools in my shop, this one is a great one to have. If your woodworker is still running the Wal-mart special then it might be time for an upgrade. You don’t know how good life can be until you have a solid drill (with plenty of extra batteries).

Grab it on Amazon Here

Dewalt Miter Saw

Dewalt Miter Saw - Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers

I am going to round out my list with what I believe is one of the best miter saws in the industry. I have tried to jump off the bandwagon and go test other saws, and I ALWAYS come back to this one. It’s pricy, but it should last a very long time, and might even keep your woodworker from screaming obscenities from the shop when angles are off from a crappy miter saw. (Spend the extra money and make sure you choose the 12″ Sliding Miter Saw)

Grab it on Amazon Here

If you are looking for more ideas, here are a few other gifts specifically for woodworkers that always need restocking in a shop:

  • New Saw Blades
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Shop Pencils (woodworkers lose 13 a day on average)
  • Bits
  • Clamps (I said it above, I’ll say it again, over and over)
  • Shop Rags
  • Woodworking Books
  • Gift Certificates (There is nothing wrong with a gift certificate for Woodcraft if you have one in your area, it is literally our favorite store, ever)

If you need any further advice on finding the perfect Christmas gifts for woodworkers, don’t hesitate to reach out on here, or through our social media.

Did I leave something off the list? Make sure to share your ideas in the comments below to help others, or maybe even share what you got for your special woodworker, we promise not to tell them!

I hope this helped you find the perfect gift for your woodworker for this Christmas. Remember to share this site with them for building plans, tips, tricks, and all kinds of tom-foolery.

As always, thanks for taking the time to ready and from my family to yours, we hope you have the most wonderful Christmas ever!

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