The Glu-Bot – Workshop Review

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You may be scrolling through Amazon and see the Glu-Bot priced at under $10 and think “Why would I ever need that?”. The answer is simple..because you just do! This is one of those incredibly simple, but ever-useful tools that will make you wonder why you didn’t just buy it earlier. In fact, this is one of the products on my Christmas Gifts for Woodworkers list (which you need to check out).

Glu-Bot Review (Amazon Screenshot)

What is the Glu-Bot?

This is a simple question with a simple answer. The Glu-Bot is simply a glue bottle. So why do you need it? Let’s first talk about your current glue bottle. I am going to guess the lid is all gunked up, isn’t it? I know mine is, and it feels like I am having to constantly clean it out. Next, aren’t you annoyed yet with having to always shake the glue down like an old ketchup bottle? Not only that, but God forbid you have to glue something that is not laying down on a table, you know that’s not going to go well! Oh, and don’t forget, you can save good money by purchasing your glue in bulk, you just need a place to empty it into.

Glue-Bot to the rescue!

Remember all those things I said in the last paragraph? The glu-bot fixes them all! First, you don’t have to worry about the lid getting all gunked up. Next, you won’t have to fight in order to get glue out of the bottle. No more shaking and popping it, just squeeze. The best part? It doesn’t matter where the glue is going, above your head, sideways, upside down, really any way you want to glue, it’s going to work! No more buying individual glue bottle, start buying by the gallon, saving some money, and introduce this super simplistic, yet need-to-have tool to your shop! Check out the video below for a full review on the glu-bot and see how it works!

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