Kids Tool Box

Corbins Projects Kids Tool Box

Kids Tool Box
Dimensions: 12″ Tall x 13 ½” Wide x 6 ¾″ Deep

Difficulty: Easy-Peesy
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Building with your kids (or little family members) is one of the best things in the world. That’s why I’m so excited to have Corbin with me for this build. I’ll start out by saying you need to check out the YouTube video below so you can see my little man in action! This kids tool box is a great DIY project to start a kid on so they can start learning their way around the workshop. Remember…be patient, allow failure (because anything related to woodworking can be fixed), and be safe (because the workshop is a dangerous place). If you do build this, I know Corbin and I would both love to see a photo, so make sure to tag Building with Kinfolk on social media and use the hashtag #corbinsprojects when you post!

Tools you will need to build the Tool Box:

Supplies you will need to build the Tool Box:

  • 63″ of 1″x6″
  • 12″ of 1″ Wooden Rod
  • (20) 1 ¼″ Wood Screws
  • Glue
  • Stain or Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Shop Rags

Let’s Build a Kids Tool Box!

As I mentioned earlier, this build is super easy and will allow for your little one to build some woodworking skills. When it comes to what tools your little one can use, that is going to be up to you! While I won’t let Corbin use the Miter saw yet, he will get to use the jig-saw and do all of the drilling. This may be different for you. A great tool to have is a handsaw and miter box. We use one by Stanley (check out the product on Amazon) and it works awesome. To see it in action make sure you watch the YouTube video posted below!

Cut Sheet for the Kids Tool Box

  • (3x) 1″x6”x12”
  • (2x) 1″x6″x13½″
  • (1x) 1″x12″ Wooden Rod

Time for a little math lesson…in fact working in the workshop is a great time to let little ones learn fractions, just remember to be patient with them! One of our 12″ boards is going to be the bottom, so we can set that to the side for a while. On the other two 12″ boards we are going to cut the two top corners off. On each side let your little one measure over 1 ½” and make a mark, and then 3″ down and make another mark. You want these marks to be close to the edge of the board. With those marks, you can use any flat edge to make a line from point-to-point. Now it’s time to grab that jig-saw (or hand saw if you really want to make the kid work for it) and cut those corners off!

Kids Tool Box - Corner Cuts

Grab a Drill Youngin’

For the next step in the Kids Tool Box, we are going to pre-drill the holes for the two sides of the tool box. I am no concerned with any measurements except you want your holes to be ⅜” from the outside to ensure you hit the center of the ¾” board you will be attaching to. So go ahead and put 2 holes in each side, and 3 across the bottom (like the photo below where the marks are exaggerated).

Kids Tool Box - Pre-Drill Holes 1

Now grab the two end pieces (that you cut the corners off of) and drill two holes on the base of each one.

Kids Tool Box Pre-Drill 2

Awesome job so far! With all of this done, we are going to start putting it together. Using 1 ¼” wood screws go ahead and attach the two ends (pieces with the corners cut off) to the base. Then attach the two sides. The last step is going to be to install the handle. In the video you will see how we do this, but I like making a mark in the center of your board where you cut the corners off 1″ from the top. You can then pre-drill a hole, line your handle up, and screw in the wood screw!

Now just sand it and get it painted or stained (and it’s ok if your little one has a habit of picking colors that are as ugly as sin itself, if they are proud then let them explore that childish creativity that more people need these days).

Corbins Projects Kids Tool Box

Hey youngin’….YOU DID IT! You should be so proud of yourself, I know both Corbin and I are! When you get done building this we would love to see it! Make sure to tag us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, and give us a follow on Pinterest! If you are looking for a grown up project to knock out next make sure to check out the Rustic Dining Room Table! Thanks for hanging out in the workshop and see you next time for #corbinsprojects!

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