Kreg Top Trak Review

Kreg Top Trak Review

A lot of tools claim to be timesavers, but none more than the Kreg Top Trak in my opinion. This review is not a paid review and is my honest viewpoint of the Kreg Top Trak. I have spent many years building different shops, whether it be for video shoot locations or for the woodworking company I used to own. In all my years of building, I have never broken down and bought the Kreg top track. Why you may ask? Well, there is no good reason…at all. Let’s talk about it!

First, let’s talk price

This is obviously the biggest point for many so we will get it out of the way. I have a Kreg Top Trak Reviewmiter saw table that stretches out 8 feet on one side and 3ish feet on the other. I bought 3 48″ Kreg Top Traks and 1 Kreg Solid Production Stopper from Woodcraft (My favorite store in the universe I think). All that was right around $150. That may seem steep, but you may also not have such a large table, therefore decreasing the cost. At the end of the day for me, the time it is saving me on repetitive cuts outweighs the price tag, after all, time is money baby!

Installing the Kreg Top Track

Installing the track itself is not difficult. However, there are some things you need to know. First is the fence size. It needs to be 2 ¼” tall and ¾” wide. This will ensure that the stoppers work Kreg Top Trak Reviewcorrectly. With the correct size fence, you will need to layout your traks and using a hacksaw cut the traks to the size of your fence. Once it is all cut you are going to use a ⅛” drill bit and drill holes in the back of the track. This will be how you attach it to your fence.

Once it is attached you can then apply the Kreg Tape to the top. I personally like to have my measurements be the actual measurements from the saw blade, meaning 20″ on the tape is 20″ from the blade. We will talk in a minute about another option for this.

You do want to make sure you use the right direction for your tape. They sell a tape that goes left to right, and one that is right to left, depending on which side of the saw it is on. Once the tape is on you have officially installed a fantastic tool! Now we can talk about what makes it so time-saving.


This is where the Kreg Top Trak gets good!!

Sure on it’s on, it’s not super helpful, but add the Kreg Solid Production Stopper to the mix and that is where things get quick and efficient. The stop screws down to the track, allowing you to do the same cuts over and over Kreg Top Trak Reviewwith the same measurements. To take it up another notch, the top of the stopped has two adjustable plastic pieces that have a red line on them.

When the stopper is on the track the red line is directly over the tape, and the tape is magnified due to the curve of the surface. Remember earlier when I said some people don’t set their tape to be a true measurement from the blade? That is because some offset the tape so that the red mark will go on the measurement they are cutting. As for me, I just have mine aligned to a half-inch off so that if I need a 20″ cut, I put the red line on the 19 ½” mark.

So all said and done if I need to cut 4 table legs at 28 ½”, I would simply set my stopper to 28″ (because I have it aligned a half in short) and then slide in 4 boards to cut Kreg Top Trak Reviewto size. No taking out the tape measure, no marking, no worrying about if I cut on the right side of the marked line. Just perfect, repetitive cuts over and over! I would love to hear what you think about the Kreg Top Trak in the comments below!

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