Intro to Woodworking – Live Class

Learn Woodworking - Adirondack ChairIf you have always wanted to learn woodworking, then this is the class for you!! This will be a 2-day online class where you will learn, laugh, and build…learning woodworking has never been so easy, or fun! Day 1 will be a 2-hour class where you will learn the foundation for woodworking. Day 2 you are going to be hands-on, building your own Adirondack chair!! We have multiple classes available so choose the one that works best for you! This class is $75 + materials for the build (which depends on your area for wood pricing, but generally speaking it should be well under $100 for supplies)


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Below you will find everything you will need for class. Some items have links and are based on my personal opinion. There are a lot of options so don’t feel locked into the items I recommend. I don’t get paid to share them with you, I simply share the items I have had the best luck with! You should be able to find all items at your local hardware store.

Tools Needed

  • Saw. This can be a miter saw or a skillsaw. If you really want to go old school you could use a hand saw, but I don’t recommend it!
  • Drill. Any kind of drill should work fine, although a good 18-20v drill is a tool worth investing in!
  • Sander. If you want to get crazy you could hand sand this, but I would get an electric sander if it were me!
  • Square. Even though it looks like a triangle!
  • Tape Measure. Any kind of tape measure, you really can’t go wrong here!
  • Protective Gear. Glasses, gloves, masks, etc. I can’t tell you what to wear, but at the least, I would recommend safety glasses.

Supply List for the Build


Coming Soon!