Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector Review

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Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector Review

Let’s talk openly about the Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector. As with all my reviews, I like to be open and honest. I also like to give grace up to a certain point. Before we get into what has made this one of my worst purchases I made in 2020 (which includes the single-ply toilet paper I bought during the great tp shortage) let’s chat about what is promising.

In mid-January I received the new lower canister, make sure to watch this video to see the new update!

The Rikon 60-101 is a wall-mounted dust collector.

Now for some of you, this may mean nothing, or in fact, may push you away from this product altogether. For me I wanted something that I could mount out of the way as my current shop upon writing this article is not very large. This needs to be something you think hard about. Are you ok with a mounted dust collector that doesn’t move? On the flip side maybe you need a dust collector that can move around from tool to tool. A big part of this question is how long your runs are going to be to your tools, but we will talk about that in a little bit.

The pleated canister filter is where it’s at!

Seriously, this is one of my favorite features of the Rikon 60-101 dust collector. What I love is being able to spin that handle around and clear off the inside of the filter. It may seem like child play, but this can help a ton with suction. On top of that, it is 1 micron rated, which basically means it’s going to handle all the dust you can throw at it.

The 60-101 delivers plenty of suction.

At 1 HP, this little unit gets the job done. Remember earlier when I said we needed to talk about how far your tools are from the Rikon dust collector? Well, let’s talk about it. From my unit I have a 4″ flexible pipe ran down 4 feet and across 15 feet, then it splits to attach to the back of my miter saw and to a collector that is built into my saw table behind the big yellow miter saw. I will obviously have some dust thrown around a little because of how hard it is to efficiently collect dust from a miter saw. However, this has been one of the best dust collectors if I were to compare side-by-side with other models.

The Rikon 60-101 fatal flaw…

Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector Fatal Flaw with Bag

Let’s go back to the canister that I love so much. Below that filter is a hard plastic-like substance that you attach your bag to. You put the bag around it, and then a clamp holds it tight around the plastic. This sounds great in theory, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the plastic-like material will actually bend and mold. So after just a few uses, you will notice the canister bowing behind the clamp. Eventually, it will get to the point where it will not hold a bag up. On top of that, it will start to lose suction. These are both MAJOR defects in my opinion.


Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector Fatal Flaw no Bag

What I will say about Rikons Customer Service:

They are very professional. I bought this the day it went on the shelf from woodcraft. Because of this, I was the first person to call and voice my concerns. The first guy I talked to went back and forth with me trying to find a solution. This went on for a while and then eventually I never heard from him. After commenting on a facebook post they reached out to me promising to fix it. The guy who helped me was super nice and I honestly believe he was doing everything I could. He told me they were working on a new design that they would be sending out to replace all the current canisters. In the meantime, they sent me a replacement so I could at least be working.

Unfortunately, the new one only lasted a couple of weeks. I don’t have an update, but when I do I will update this blog.

Final Verdict

I would NOT spend my money on it the way it is right now. It doesn’t matter how great of a design it is, how great the suction is, or how much you love the canister filter. If the bag won’t stay on the dust collector, then the dust collector is no longer useful. Hopefully, they will have a fix soon and we can put this all behind us. Until then you might be better off looking in a different direction.

With the new lower unit I just received, I would take back my previous statement and say this is a dust collector worth having. I would just make sure you have the updated canister before using it!


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4 thoughts on “Rikon 60-101 Dust Collector Review”

  1. Hey Luke – bought mine in November and finally installed it in early May… Had the exact same issues as you mentioned (isn’t it great when a bag full of dust falls to the floor and then has the blower shooting straight in to it to help spread the dust around the shop?) so I sent an email and photos to Rikon. All they asked for was my serial number and shipping address and with an hour I had a shipping slip for a replacement canister.

    I assume it’s the updated one; how has yours been holding up since you received it and what changes did they make?

  2. I installed the Rikon dust collector. It performs like you have reviewed with the new filter unit. However, I noticed one issue when it was installed in my basement workshop, having finished drywalls. I mount the bracket of the unit with the supplied lag-bolt on the stud of the drywall. Now I noticed that the vibration from the motor/vacuum pump can be felt on some areas of the floor in the family room above the basement workshop. This has to be the cause of unbalanced vacuum pump vanes.

  3. How do i find\buy replacement canister upgrade for the Rikon 60-101? i have had the same problem and have looked for others for months and ran across your post, thank you brother for posting. I could really use any information the replacement canister. thanks.

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