DIY Tutorials

DIY Christmas Tree Apron Box

December 21st, 2020

Cut List

(28) 1″x4″x6″ (8) 1″x3″x9″  (8) 1″x3″x21¼”

Drill Pocket Holes

To begin with, we are going to drill 1 pocket hole on each end of our 1″x2″x21 ¼” boards.


Build Frames

The easiest way to do this will be to lay one of the 9″ boards face down on the table, and then glue and attach a 21 ¼” board to the top and bottom. Then put glue on the other side of the 2 boards and attach the other side of the frame (like in the photo below).


Attach the Planks

Before you start throwing planks on here, you need to make a mark at ¾” from each edge. It is important that your two outside planks go to, but not past those marks. It is crucial to how it will all fit together. Depending on how true your board sizes are you may have to rip one board a little smaller to make fit. Now you can put a bead of glue all the way around the inside of the frame (between your pocket holes and the edge of the board) and lay your planks like in the photo below. While you don’t have to screw them down, I would recommend that you do. I would advise you to predrill one hole on each side and use a 1 ¼” wood screw.


Repeat all the previous steps until you have 4 identical sides!


Assemble the Box (Hinges)

You are so close to being done. Now we just need to attach all this together. First I will stand the pieces up and temporarily lay them against each other (photo below). Then I am going to add a hinge or 2 (that is up to you and your budget) on two opposite corners. Now you will be able to fold up the two halves when storing.


Assemble the Box (Double Roller Catches)

On the other two inside corners, I am going to add a double roller catch. This will make sure that the stand box stays together when it goes under the Christmas Tree.


Make it Pretty!

The last thing you want to do to the Christmas Tree Stand Box is to get it sanded down, and painted or stained. On my finished photos, I used a Special Walnut stain by Minwax. (It ended up showing a little redder in my photos than it really is). Now, I just need you to take a photo and tag us on any of our social media channels so I can see it and share it!